Environmental Policy

1 Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to outline AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd commitment to minimising the company’s environmental impact and to protect the local and global environments.

2 Aim & Objectives

AJCP activities directly affect the environment and are unavoidable. Our aim is to conduct all operations and use of resources in a way that minimises both the direct and indirect impacts to the Environment.
The objectives of the Environmental Management System are to:

  • Comply with relevant legal and other requirements to which AJ Civil Projects in relation to its environmental commitments.
  • Ensure direct impacts to the Environment are kept within regulatory boundaries and minimised, where possible.
  • Ensure indirect impacts to the Environment, are minimised where possible, through the utilisation of sustainable methods, whenever practical.
  • To continually investigate environmentally conscious products from different suppliers and their initiatives to promote more superior products and resource use.
  • Maintain a culture of Environmental awareness within A J Civil Projects Pty Ltd

3 Framework

3.1 Management

Management accepts responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment by a commitment to:

  • Implementing and maintaining an ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System
  • Educate, train and motivate employees so that a positive Environmental awareness culture maintained
  • Consideration of future capital purchases which has new technology to reduce pollution emissions and increase fuel efficiency; and
  • Identify, assess and proactively manage activities that have the potential to negatively impact the environment.

3.2 Personnel involved with AJCP projects have the responsibility to:

  • Adherence to environmental legislation, practices, standards and rules.
  • Performance of all duties in a manner which ensures the protection of the environment; and
  • Co-operation with management to ensure the company’s environmental objectives are fulfilled.
    AJ Civil Projects ensure that this statement of commitment and all procedures and work standards are communicated, understood, implemented, maintained and continually improved upon for all operations.

Alan Johnson
AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd
November 2019