Health & Safety Policy

1 Purpose

This policy demonstrates AJ Civil Projects’ commitment to maintaining the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees. This policy is in line with AJCP’s current strategy to prevent work related injury and illness. The policy is reviewed and maintained as changes to the strategy are made.

2 Aim & Objectives

Our aim is to continuously improve the health, wellbeing and safety of our workplaces so that our employees and interested parties’ health, wellbeing and safety are influenced positively.

Our objectives are:

  • Continued compliance with NSW Workplace Health Safety Act 2017, as well as all other relevant legislative acts
  • Continued compliance with AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management, Codes and Australian Standards.
  • Continued compliance with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • To engage employees in actively developing and improving safety within the company
  • To operate in accordance with the IMS and to continually improve the IMS.
  • To ensure all Fieldworkers are certified First Aiders
  • To eliminate all hazards which will reduce overall OH&S risk
  • To encourage a culture where AJCP personnel take the lead on safety

3 Framework

3.1 Management

Management accepts responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe workplace through the implementation of AJCP Integrated Management System and by providing and ensuring the following:

  • Continued implementation, maintenance, by improving the ISO 45001 certified OHS Management System
  • A commitment to employees in creating a safe working environment with fit for purpose plant, PPE equipment and tools
  • A positive culture through consultation as well as encouragement of employee and sub-contractors participation on matters relating to workplace OH&S and welfare.
  • Health and safety information, as well as this policy, is communicated throughout the organisation’s hierarchy
  • Internal audits and inspections are conducted of our workplaces to improve, maintain and verify compliance with the Integrated Management System.
  • AJCP management commit to training and education, to ensure employees and sub-contractors are empowered to be proactive and innovative, with regards to our safety culture.
  • Facilitation of Health & Safety Committees at the request of employees

3.2 Personnel

Personnel involved with AJCP projects have the responsibility to:

  • Their own and others safety on a worksite, especially if there is imminent and serious risk to their Health and Safety. Any action taken in these situations will not bring reprimand by AJCP management.
  • Adhere and cooperate internally to implement and improve the IMS.
  • Performance of all duties in a manner which ensures the individual’s health and safety, and that of others.
  • AJ Civil Projects ensure that this statement of commitment and all procedures and work standards are communicated, understood, implemented, maintained and continually improved upon for all operations.

Alan Johnson
AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd
February 2024