Project Highlight: The Jetty4Shores Upgrade

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Project Highlight - The Jetty4Shores Upgrade

As Alan Johnson mentioned previously, this project was the one of the most enjoyable projects that they have had the opportunity to complete. The Jetty project was a combined effort between AJ Civil Projects and the Council.  Alan and his team were an integral part to organising all the aspects of the construction and working with so many local businesses in achieving the end product; which they thoroughly enjoyed.  As a company, they’re so proud of this project, and Alan thinks it’s mainly due to the fact that it has a really visible end product. With most of their contracts being underground they don’t get the opportunity to see the outcomes each day which is great for everyone involved. Alan also believes that a good design ends with a good final product and this is definitely the case for the project. AJ Civil Projects congratulates the Council on this. The project was completed on time and within the budget. The project was planned to be constructed in the winter months to minimise the impact on the stakeholders and the public, as the Jetty really is the jewel in our crown.

What actually went into the Jetty4Shore project?

  • The existing trees were removed and mulched on site with over 400 cubic meters of the mulch being reused on the new garden beds.
  • 14,000 tonnes of imported fill was transported to the site and compacted to raise the existed ground level to ensure runoff during rain events and eliminate flooding of the area resulting in a more user-friendly place. 9,000 tonnes of the imported fill was supplied by Council, and was recycled from other projects.
  • The concrete amphitheatre structure in front of the Yacht Club, was designed and constructed to protect from further erosion of the beach due to high tides and large swells. As well as being a more user-friendly place to access the Jetty Beach or just relax and enjoy one of Coffs’ best natural assets. Sheet piles, screw piles and large footings have been installed under the structure to ensure its longevity.
  • The Boardwalk is very user-friendly and was designed and positioned to minimise the impact on the existing dunes and vegetation area, as well as give easy access for the public from the Jetty Pier to the Jetty beach.
  • Over 4,000 square meters of wide coloured concrete paths were installed to ensure ease of access for the public, as well as cater for different public events. The new stage, shelters and the outdoor gym are all great assets for the area and have been well utilised since the opening.
  • During the construction period for the project we had an average of 47 workers on site with the peak number being 83 workers on site in one day, most importantly with the project remaining incident free. Over 96% of the employees and subcontractors on site where local Coffs Coast residents.
Future Trends in the Civil Construction Industry