Quality Policy

1 Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to outline AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd commitment to producing Quality work in order to maintain the reputation for quality in all work performed.

2 Aim & Objectives

Our aim is to provide quality product that meets, and where appropriate, exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The objectives of the Quality Management System are to:

  • Ensure repeat business with all our clients.
  • Ensure the local engagement of quality subcontractors and suppliers continues.
  • Eliminate defects for all work completed on a project.
  • Maintain a culture of implementing continuous quality improvements.

3 Framework

3.1 Management

Management will continue to establish a systematic and planned control system for quality on all projects to ensure that the specific client requirements are addressed and contractually complied with.

AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd will achieve its commitment to Quality objectives by the implementation and continual improvement of the Integrated Management System through:

  • Integrating quality, OH&S and environmental best practice into all aspects of AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd planning and operations
  • Ensuring that operations are conducted in a consistent and concise manner to add value to the business and its product delivery
  • Demonstrating compliance with regulations, standards and guidelines relevant to the business and Operations.
  • Demonstrating compliance with applicable acts, regulations, standards and codes of practice
  • Developing Project and Quality Plans

3.2 Personnel

Personnel involved with AJCP projects have the responsibility to:

  • Adhere and cooperate internally to implement and improve the IMS.
  • Performance of all duties in a manner which ensures the quality of AJCP work

AJ Civil Projects ensure that this statement of commitment and all procedures and work standards are communicated, understood, implemented, maintained and continually improved upon for all operations.

Alan Johnson
AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd
February 2024