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A Sponsorship Highlight: Pink Silks Trust

Alan Johnson and AJ Civil Projects are a significant supporter of the substantial work Pink Silks Trust (PST) does in this community, and the hard work of his wife Tanya and the PST committee, in achieving this.

The PST is a local registered charity, committed in raising awareness and funds for local women in our community diagnosed with cancer, long term illness, traumatic illness and disabilities.

Tanya Johnson is the chair and co-founder of the PST and along with the PST committee, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience about health needs in this community.

Tanya was a Diagnostic Radiographer for 30 years and was diagnosed at 35 years with breast cancer. At a time, there was no radiation therapy available locally and so Tanya understands the essential need to increase services and equipment to this area.

A diagnosis doesn’t just affect each woman but her entire family and friend network.

PST evaluates the needs of women in this community and assist in all aspects of local women’s health issues:

prevention, research, capital equipment purchases, assisting local support groups, increased awareness of disease and illnesses, education, initiation of new services in our community.

PST started as a Ladies Race Day in January 2007 and grown to be a successful charity holding several events each year, having raised over $1,000,000 in 13 years.

The PST is a voluntary role, which allows 90% of funds to remain local and 10% contribution to illness or cancer research.

‘Our responsibility to donators is to ensure each allocation of funds must help as many women as possible for as many years as possible’ Tanya Johnson

PST committee is dedicated to making a difference in this local area and as a united community, they are changing the journeys of many local women and their families.

Pink Silks Trust

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