Drug & Alcohol Policy

1. Policy

Employees are expected to maintain the highest professional standards when conducting AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd business. The consumption of, or being under the influence of, alcohol during working hours, and the distribution, possession or use of illegal drugs, are detrimental to this goal.

Alcohol and substance abuse is a danger to the users, fellow employees and the general public.

Such abuse impairs the health and judgment of the user and is a threat to the safety of others.

AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd is committed to providing an alcohol and drug free environment for all employees at all locations. Accordingly, all employees acknowledge that no alcohol is to be consumed or illegal drugs used by employees during their working hours, including meal breaks.

2. Guidelines

2.1 Alcohol

Reporting to work or working under the influence of alcohol is prohibited. Unauthorised consumption of alcohol during working hours or on AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd premises is prohibited.

While it is a personal decision to lawfully use alcohol, it is essential that such use does not interfere with the official and safe performance of the individual’s duties, nor reduce his or her dependability, nor reflect on the employee or AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd.

2.2 Drugs

The manufacture, distribution, possession, disposition, sale, purchase of or use of illegal drugs by AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd employees during working hours is prohibited.

An employee may not report to work, nor perform work, while under the influence of any illegal drug. An employee may not report to work, nor perform work, if his or her judgment, coordination, or performance could reasonably become impaired during work due to the use of an illegal drug or substance.

3. Testing

3.1 Random testing

Random drug and alcohol testing will be performed on AJCP employees by an authorised external provider to ensure compliance with our safe work practices and D&A policy.

3.2 Reasonable suspicion of alcohol or illegal drug use

Where there is reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of alcohol or is using illegal drugs during working hours, the employee must cease work immediately.

Reasonable suspicion must be based on a reasonable and clearly definable belief that the employee is under the influence of alcohol or is using an illegal drug on the basis of specified, contemporary physical, behavioural, or performance indications of probable alcohol or drug use.

3.3 Testing

In consultation with the employee, and his or her nominated representative, AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd reserves the right to require the employee to participate in a drug or alcohol test. AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd may also require the employee to undertake counselling or rehabilitation before return to work is scheduled.
The presence of any detectable or observable amount of alcohol or drugs in an employee is prohibited, and any infraction of these rules will result in disciplinary action.

A breach of this policy may initiate appropriate action including the termination of employment or subcontractor agreement.

4. Employee Assistance

AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd recognises that drug and alcohol abuse can be successfully treated and is committed to helping employees who suffer from these problems, while holding them responsible for their own recovery.

The intent of this policy is to offer a helping hand to those who need it. AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd will provide any necessary information to employees who suffer from such abuse, and referral to an appropriate treatment provider in the event that treatment is required.

Personal or other leave may be made available for any incidental time required off work.

Arrangements to take appropriate leave will be made with the employee for any extended periods of time off work, based on the advice of a treatment provider and accompanied by a medical certificate.

Any information regarding an employee’s condition will be treated in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). No referrals will be made, or information provided to other parties without the permission of the employee involved.

Alan Johnson
AJ Civil Projects Pty Ltd
February 2024